About Company: Mission and History


Our vision is to create pathway for younger generation to be self sustainable in all walks of life.


To equip the young generation with Moral, Social and Cultural values mixed with Evolving Global Trends.

ProMaze Consulting Private Limited is a Training & Consulting Firm which has identified the industry – education variance and has taken the initiative to bridge the gap. Our main intent is to break the inhibitions among students across all ages which will make them more efficient in handling their academics as well as extracurricular activities.

We have started our Journey with a team of passionate individuals who play a vital role in spear heading the entire program. We also have identified strong and enthusiastic individuals from the industry with similar ideology who have given us guidance in doing the same. At ProMaze we train students on leadership, communication, Interviews and all the other necessary skills through activity based learning. We also keep the students updated about the current trends in the system & society by regular industry interactions.

Our curriculum includes Leadership campaign for Schools and Colleges, Interview awareness sessions for all students who are on the lookout for an opportunity. We have a specialist team which works on individual focused sessions and curriculum which is flexible and easily adaptable at all levels. We also suggest and prepare separate schedule/ curriculum targeting the college/ school necessities.